Investors would prefer to choose swing trading strategy for its potential to showcase short-term momentum for active trading. Swing trading is best done in stocks that have a higher chance of attaining the build-up position. But, as an investor you should have the skills to identify stocks that are beneficial in the current shift of the market, well here is where it’s recommended to seek expert advice from a market expert like Goodwill.

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In this blog, we will be listing out some of the best ways that can be adopted to select the best stocks for swing trading in India.

Ways to Select the Stock for Swing Trading:


In the stock market, traders follow a rule that if a stock is rising in value under the current market condition, then it would perform well if the market remains unchanged. An investor chooses the best-performing stocks in the market by browsing through the company’s news, reviewing the top stocks in the stock market or following the stock indices.


If you’re a swing trader, then you should look out for buy or sell signals to spot opportunities. The swing trader would combine the fundamental data for technical analysis to identify sectors and stocks that are outperforming indexes for a better part of the trading period. There are certain factors that should be considered by a swing trader to be effective in trading stocks.

  • Liquidity: If you’re an active swing trader you would consider this an important factor as it determines the demand for the stocks in the market. Measuring the liquidity of the stock indicates the trading volume of the stock which has lower risk exposure.
  • Performance: Compare the performance of the stocks with other stocks from the same sector to predict the future of the stock. Analyzing the performance will help you to find out the strongest stocks that have outperformed sector indices.
  • Clear Uptrend: Some swing traders would prefer to invest in stocks that are less jumpy because they tend to avoid the stocks that are susceptible to violent pullbacks and frenzied selling.
  • Volatility & Correlation: Most swing traders wouldn’t invest in the stocks that look attractive because they follow the logic to avoid erratic stocks that move with major market indices. Volatility is one of the crucial components that determines the movement of the stock price and also list out the risk parameters in the trade.


After knowing how to trade stocks in the swing trade, you should also understand that swing trading possesses more risk than day trading as the holding period is extended. While picking up the stocks in swing trade, you should conduct technical analysis and try to seek expert advice from market expert like Goodwill.

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