How to invest in Stock Markets?

Imagine you are in a hotel. You are treating yourself and your friends to a sumptuous meal. You order all the dishes on the menu without looking at the price. When the bill comes, you are in for a shock as it has exceeded your budget. What do you do? You ask your friends to share the bill amount.

The stock market works in the same way. When there is a need for funds, companies place their shares in the stock market. It might appear to be Greek and Latin, but thorough research and reading will help in easier understanding.

The stock market has its origins in France in the 12th century. In India, its history dates back to the 18th century. Trading was done under a banyan tree initially. It is the present day Bombay stock exchange. Now, it is one of the oldest stock markets in the world.

Trading was done through a broker, in person or via phone initially. They kept manual records of the order and performed trading. Online trading came into existence in 1994 to simplify the process. We can perform stock trading online similar to the purchase of products through e-commerce.

How to invest in Stock Markets

One of the leading online trading companies in India is Goodwill. Once you acquaint yourself with the company, the process is simplified. There are two primary accounts required for trading shares. Firstly, open a trading account for the placement of the shares and a Demat account for depositing the shares using photo and KYC documents.


It has plenty of benefits associated with it. You can obtain higher returns.  You can delay the taxation as well. There are no restrictions on the type of investment tools.  Bonds and mutual funds are good options for investment. It will serve to help in achieving long term goals. The stock has a greater potential for growth. You can diversify your investments which help in risk tolerance.

As there is always a yin to the yang, there are certain risks associated with this as well.

Proper guidance and knowledge can help to avert the risks. It provides better returns than banks and other investments. Selection of investments with higher returns is important.

Invest in various stocks rather than sticking to a single one. Communication is a key factor. Informing the requirements beforehand to the online broker will prevent errors. Observe the stocks and notice the trends. And in case of any queries, Goodwill will assist in every way possible. You can contact Goodwill at or feel free to give a call at +91 – 44 – 4020 5050.


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