As an investor in the Indian stock market, you might look out for an excellent trading platform to make your investment successful. ln search for the best platform, you might have gotten lost in a trading platform that offers minimal support for your investment, no worries, you have reached the safe hands of Goodwill.

Goodwill is one of India’s trusted brokerage firms that offers exceptional support to its valuable investors. Backed by teams of experts, Goodwill promises to deliver extraordinary strategies to bid your money on the best performing stocks in the market. Goodwill offers a wide range of trading services at lowest brokerage charges. To know more about Goodwill, click here!

In this blog, we’ll discuss about the trading services offered by Goodwill and the major reasons why you should choose Goodwill as your trading partner.



There are several aspects that prompt you to choose Goodwill as your trading partner but here we have highlighted a few important aspects that would make you trade with Goodwill.

  • Having a Decade of experience in trading
  • Trusted by thousands of valuable investors
  • India’s most trusted brokerage firm
  • Offering lowest brokerage charges
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Offering free training sessions and live webinars


EQUITY: As an investor you can the privilege of ownership on assets or liabilities that are associated to the company by purchasing their equity shares in the stock market. Goodwill offers expert strategies to its investors by conducting technical analysis to choose the best equity investment.

DERIVATIVES: A derivative is a safe contract that is established between two or more parties based on the underlying assets. These underlying assets can be considered as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and market indices and the price value is based on the issued underlying asset. Start risk free derivative trading with Goodwill today!

COMMODITY: Commodity investment is investing your valuable savings in commodities like raw materials, primary products, etc. Investing in commodities can secure your investment during inflation. Invest in commodities by seeking guidance from Goodwill now.

CURRENCY: As an investor you are allowed to trade currency of one country while selling that of another to fetch better returns. This trading is performed through the foreign exchange market. Choose the best currency pairs by seeking help from Goodwill today.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Your investment in mutual funds are managed by a professional money manager as they overlook your investments in stock. Mutual fund investments are based on stocks, bonds and other securities. Investing in mutual fund is a tax saving option offering higher returns. Make your Mutual Fund investment beneficial through Goodwill!

IPO: Initial public offering allows a private company to distribute its shares to the public. Investing in an IPO helps the company to build a better infrastructure and also increase their existing share value. Choose the best company to invest in an IPO by seeking expert guidance from Goodwill today!


Investing your valuable savings in the share market is beneficial as it will help you to gain additional income in the future. But, while making an investment you need to be cautious in choosing the best stocks and if you’re a beginner it’s always good to seek the guidance of experts like Goodwill.

Based on your financial requirements, the experts at Goodwill will analyze the best performing stocks in the market. Hence, why do you hesitate further, when you can seek the guidance of Goodwill today!

For more info, visit the official website of Goodwill or make a call on +91 80122 78000 to trade your stocks smartly and efficiently. Stay connected with Goodwill’s Facebook Page and get instant live updates on your stocks.




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