A Role-Model  for Investors in Stocks- The  Jhunjhunwala’s success story !


Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala known as India’s Warren Buffet- the Great Investor in Stocks in U S A, is known for  smart investments both in Bull and Bear markets! His strategic move and his  prediction of the market trend  have indeed been amazing which perhaps drive the other investors to blindly follow his strategies. He has over Rs 15000 cr investments in stocks and he has been multiplying the same year after year although there have been dips sometimes.

He does extensive research on various facets of the investee company before taking a decision. He collects both official and informal data from various sources and collate them to arrive a t a decision to invest or otherwise.  He reinforces the need to understand the standing of the promoters and their stake, their  track- record, the products and services of the Company and their competitors, the market share, their financials,  projections,  tax compliance, Governance, stock movement in bourses etc., and for this purpose he has a team to do the research and report to him to enable him to pick the shares. He has recently invested  and taken a stake of 1 % in 31 Firms. The investments have grown by11.7 % in 17 of them and the balance with little change. He has subsequently increased his stake in five of the companies stated above further as the indications are found to be good. He has withdrawn from a few companies based on the latest developments in NBFCs. That is what is required to be done every now  and then based on market trends.  He has more stake in large cap companies-one on the top 100 listed stocks in terms of  market capitalization. Of course  he has  small quantities in mid and small caps too.

He watches his portfolio very closely and taken informed decisions with alacrity which is  the basic function of an investor.  

Yes you can also build your own portfolio of  investments over the years. The following tips could perhaps  help.

  1. Invest in well-known Nifty 50 and BSE 30 Companies initially .
  2. Start with small investments and spread the 
  3. If you have no time to watch and invest in SIP every month with small monthly subscription
  4. Investments in shares and debt instruments give better returns than Banks.
  5. Investments in shares give dividend and capital appreciation.
  6. Learn the techniques, undergo training before investing.

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