• By Goodwill
  • September 12, 2023

IPO : R R Kabel Limited

 ISSUE TYPE Book Built Issue IPO
 ISSUE OPENS ON September 13, 2023 (Wednesday)
 ISSUE CLOSES ON September 15, 2023 (Friday)
 ISSUE PRICE Rs.983 To Rs.1035 per share
 ISSUE SIZE Up to Rs.1,964.01 Crores
 FACE VALUE Rs.5 per share

Incorporated in 1995, R R Kabel Limited provides consumer electrical products used for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure purposes.

R R Kabel has two broad segments:

  1. Wires and cables including house wires, industrial wires, power cables, and special cables; and
  2. FMEG including fans, lighting, switches, and appliances.

The company undertakes the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of wires and cable products under ‘RR Kabel’ brand, and fans and lights under the ‘Luminous Fans and Lights’ brand.

In 2020, R R Kabel acquired Arraystorm Lighting Private Limited and obtained light emitting diode (LED) lights and related hardware business (LED Lights Business) along with its trademarks and design certificates, to expand their portfolio to cover office, industrial, and warehouse spaces. In 2022, the company acquired the home electrical business (HEB) of Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited, and obtained a limited and exclusive license to use the Luminous Fans and Lights brand for fan and light products for a maximum period of four years with a one-time option to further renew the license for a period of three months and, that includes a right to use 61 registered trademarks, and a portfolio of lights and premium fans, to strengthen our FMEG portfolio.

 MINIMUM BID 14 shares
 MAXIMUM BID 182 shares
 MAXIMUM AMOUNT  Rs.1,88,370
 PROMOTER HOLDING 62.77 % (Post-issue)
 LISTING DATE September 26,2023 (Tuesday)

The company has two manufacturing units located at Waghodia, Gujarat, and Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Daman and Diu which primarily carry out manufacturing operations of wire and cables and switches. Apart from that, it owns and operates three integrated manufacturing facilities which are located at Roorkee, Uttarakhand; Bengaluru, Karnataka; and Gagret, Himachal Pradesh, which carry out manufacturing operations in respect of FMEG products.

R R Kabel’s clientele comes from both the domestic market and international markets. In the last three months ending June 30, 2023, 71% of its revenue from operations came from the wires and cables segment; and 97% of the revenue from operations came from the FMEG segment, from the B2C channel.

Objects of the Issue

The company intends to utilize the net proceeds from the issue towards the funding of the following objects:

  1. Repayment or prepayment, in full or in part, of borrowings availed by the company from banks and financial institutions.
  2. General corporate purposes.
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