• By Goodwill
  • November 8, 2023

IPO : ASK Automotive Limited

 ISSUE TYPE Book Built Issue IPO
 ISSUE OPENS ON November 7, 2023 (Tuesday)
 ISSUE CLOSES ON November 9, 2023 (Thursday)
 ISSUE PRICE Rs.268 Rs.282 per share
 ISSUE SIZE Up to Rs.834.00 Crores
 FACE VALUE Rs.2 per share

ASK Automotive IPO is a book built issue of Rs 834.00 crores. The issue is entirely an offer for sale of 2.96 crore shares.

ASK Automotive IPO bidding opened for subscription on November 7, 2023 and will close on November 9, 2023.

 MINIMUM BID 53 shares
 MAXIMUM BID 689 shares
 MAXIMUM AMOUNT  Rs.1,94,298

ASK Automotive IPO price band is set at ₹268 to ₹282 per share. The minimum lot size for an application is 53 Shares. The minimum amount of investment required by retail investors is ₹14,946. The minimum lot size investment for sNII is 14 lots (742 shares), amounting to ₹209,244, and for bNII, it is 67 lots (3,551 shares), amounting to ₹1,001,382.

Objects of the Issue (ASK Automotive IPO Objectives)

The company will not receive any proceeds from the Offer and all the Offer Proceeds will be received by the Selling Shareholders, in proportion to the Offered Shares sold by the respective Selling Shareholders as part of the Offer.
SMART IPO using UPI, you can now apply online

For Existing Clients : https://gudwil.in/IPO
Open an account :  https://gudwil.in/smart
Further any clarification, feel free to contact your Branch / Relationship Manager.For all your investment needs feel free to reach us. Give us a missed call at 90037 90027. For Support: 044-40329999Warm Regards,
Team GoodwillDISCLAIMER : Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. The data and information herein provided are believed to be reliable, but Goodwill Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd., does not warrant its accuracy or completeness. Goodwill Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd., or any of its employees are not liable for any action taken by any party based on the above information. This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Special note: Short-term trading on the basis of technical is high risk and skill-oriented venture and may result in huge losses also. Traders doing so are doing at their own risk. We are not responsible for any damages. Note: The material is being provided to you for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice; returns mentioned herein are in no way a guarantee or promise of future returns. See Disclaimer, Privacy Policy @ https://gwcindia.in/Disclaimer


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    The Science of Exact Timekeeping
    The core system of a mechanized timepiece involves the spring, which supplies energy as it unwinds. This mechanism, however, can be susceptible to environmental factors that may impact its precision. COSC-certified mechanisms undergo rigorous testing—over fifteen days in various conditions (5 positions, three temperatures)—to ensure their resilience and dependability. The tests assess:

    Typical daily rate accuracy between -4 and +6 seconds.
    Mean variation, peak variation rates, and effects of thermal variations.
    Why COSC Accreditation Matters
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    Historical Background and the Evolution of Chronometers
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  132. LarryDow
    April 30, 2024

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    Именно в связи с этим, анализ USDT на чистоту становится важной мерой защиты для того чтобы пользователей цифровых валют. Имеются специализированные платформы, которые осуществляют анализ транзакций и бумажников, для того чтобы определить сомнительные сделки и противоправные источники средств. Такие платформы помогают владельцам избежать непреднамеренной участи в финансирование преступных акций и избежать блокировки счетов со со стороны сторонних контролирующих органов.

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