Where Can I Get Stock Market Training In India? Which One is the Best?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 200 years (an incredible feat, no doubt), you’d have definitely heard about the many benefits of investing in the share market. Often, these stock markets are often touted as the best way to generate wealth in the long run.

However, once we decide to take the plunge, and begin trading or investing in the stock market, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the nuances.

Alternatively, worse still, we all have that one person in our close circle, who has burnt their hands dealing with the stock market which instills fear in the rest of us.

While it is true that the share market is an extremely lucrative place to generate wealth, going completely blind may sooner lead to losses than you’ll expect. Where do we learn the secrets of generating wealth consistently?

This is where some of the best stock market training programmes help us immensely.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best (and some, not so recommended) methods to earn consistently in the Stock Market. But first, let’s cover the basics.

Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market

The Share market, without a doubt, is one of the best ways to generate wealth in the long run consistently. Historically, equity returns have been much better than other cash/fixed-income investments such as fixed deposits, gold or even government issued bonds.

In fact, Equity investments are seen as the perfect vehicle to beat inflation consistently year-on-year, and mitigate the effect of inflation over a period of time. A significant number of companies also pay dividends consistently, acting as a source of cash flow, even without selling off the initial investment.

The most important attribute of equity shares, is its ability to outperform inflation rates of our country consistently, making it an amazing instrument to protect against the decreasing time value of money.

How To Invest in The Stock Market

Investing in the Stock Market as an Indian is straightforward. All you need to do is open a free Demat and Trading account with a reputed stockbroker, registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Here’s the simple 5 Step process to open Demat account online.

Open Trading Account Online India

  1. Head on over to the Goodwill site to open a Free Demat account online. Enter your personal details, like name, contact information and email ID.
  2. Once done, you’ll be asked to fill in your PAN number, date of birth and Aadhar number on the next page.
  3. You’ll then be required to give your contact address – the address should match the address proof that you submit.
  4. Upload the Necessary Documents. Here’s a list of the mandatory documents that you’ll need to upload to complete the eKYC process:
    1. PAN Card and Passport size photograph
    2. Identity Proof – PAN card/Aadhar Card.
    3. Address Proof – Passport/Driving Licence/Aadhar Card/Bank Statement/Utility Bills.
    4. Income Proof – Salary Slip/ITR/Bank Statement (going back 6 months).
  5. E sign, and complete the In Person Verification (completely online, despite being called IPV).

That’s that. Wait for us to work our magic, and create your credentials for you to begin your investment/trading (or both) journey.


Best Share Market Training In India

Goodwill’s Webinars – Best Share Trading Training in India

Goodwill understands that for long term success in share markets, consistent educational knowledge sharing/training programs are absolutely essential. Here, at Goodwill, training is never ending, and is considered as an ongoing process that runs parallel to our investing/trading efforts.

All investors and traders do have a smart and sharp brain that’s necessary to generate wealth in the stock market. The major bottleneck that we’ve observed is for traders to execute their trading and investment plans.

At Goodwill, your training will start with a thorough understanding of your different financial goals and objectives. We’ve come to realize that a trading/investing system is only as strong as the reason the system was established in the first place. The ulterior motivation fuels people to learn the necessary basic skills, and take the necessary action to generate wealth consistently in the long run.

We guarantee that you’ll receive appropriate training and guidance till you’re ready to venture into the financial markets independently.

The Goodwill Promise

  1. Our Trainers are quite literally, the best in the industry.
    1. We’ll truly understand what you require
    2. We’ll prioritize sessions based on what’s truly important.
    3. We’ll provide sound, unbiased advice.
    4. We’ll focus on delivering actionable results.
  2. We provide up-to-date courses about the Indian Financial Market at absolutely 0 cost to you. This course will cover
    1. Indian Stock Market Basics
    2. Derivative Trading
    3. Trading Strategies
    4. Technical Analysis


YouTube is quite literally a goldmine for amateur investors. The knowledge base contained here is quite literally inexhaustible, but like a literal goldmine, you’ll have to dig a lot to arrive at the actually important videos. There are plenty of great Creators out there (ourselves included, check our channel out here).

However, on the flip side, there are plenty of scam artists and content creators who give out financial advice without having a basic understanding of the foundational concepts. If you strike out and follow the advice of someone who shouldn’t be trusted, you might end up losing your hard-earned money.

Even if you do luck out, and find an amazing resource on YouTube, there is no one comprehensive guide which covers all the necessary skills and strategies that you need to know. In other words, you need to know what you’re looking for beforehand, if you’re to have any degree of success on YouTube. Personalized content, curated to suit your specific needs and requirements is not possible, unless you hire an expert to curate a list of videos/content for you to watch.

Stock Market Coaching in India

Another noteworthy avenue to pursue education when it comes to stock markets is to avail services of personalized coaches. Share Trading Training in India is an extremely common service offered by many professionals in the industry – and if cost is no concern, perhaps the best way to learn the secrets of stock market trading in India. However, like YouTube, there is no real way to judge the credibility of any particular coach, at least to an extent where you can trust your hard-earned money to follow their advice.

There are plenty of good coaches out there, who could teach you everything you need to know – starting from the basics of trading to little tips and tricks that will help you truly master the art of trading. One of the main advantages that these personalized coaches offer is the fact that they can customize your learning experience, and curate the topics that you learn based on what you need, and what your current level of understanding of the stock markets is.

However, as you may expect, personalized coaching doesn’t come for free. In fact, it is one of the costliest methods when it comes to learning stock markets – and quite rightfully so. If you’ve the money to spend to afford personalized coaching from reputed trainers and traders – then sure, it’s the perfect way to start.

Demo Trading

Does it surprise you that one of the most commonly asked questions in Google, when it comes to the subject of learning the secrets of stock market is “What is Demo Trading in India?”. Demo trading is often touted as one of the best ways to learn stock market trading strategies. Is that really the case?

Many financial institutions offer a demo trading account for their clientèle. After opening one, you’ll get access to the full features of a demat and trading account – except for the fact that none of the trades would be real, and all transactions would be effected using paper money (virtual money, non-existent money, dummy money – you name it – however they brand it as).

Theoretically, it would allow the demo-account holder to test out how the market functions, without having to invest any real money into it. On paper, it would give the beginners the required knowledge and confidence to begin trading with real money.

Here, at Goodwill, we don’t believe in the concept of Demo Trading, and do not offer a demo trading account to our clients. Without actual money involved, beginners will tend to have the “nothing to lose” mentality, and tend to take risky decisions. The biggest mistake beginners tend to make is the tendency to make emotional decisions. Having a demo account makes the matter worse, and destroys the confidence of novice traders when they don’t replicate the results that they achieved in the demo trading system.

Here, at Goodwill, we strongly do not recommend using demo trading accounts. If stock market experience is what you’re after – you can always start small. Invest a few hundred bucks that you are completely comfortable with losing, and begin trading – you’ll get the actual experience you need, much better than the simulated experience you gain from a demo trading account.

What are you waiting for? Open a free demat and trading account online with goodwill, and begin your trading journey now. If you’re looking for knowledge, head on over to our webinar page, and register yourself for the next session now!



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