We badly need another ‘Mahatma’ for India now

Today we are enjoying the total Freedom of expression and action the value of which we seldom realise. India called Bharath has been a land of highest civilisation and culture for centuries. Many sadhus, saints and people of great thinking and sacrifice have emerged from this motherland and no other country in this world could possibly boost up of such a historic past and glory. Countries some of them may be rich, well developed materially and we may not match them in terms of wealth and prosperity which is a known fact. But we can always feel proud of our heritage and the recent findings in North India of a metal chariot dating back to over 5000 years prove that our civilization was even much earlier than the Mezhapatomia! But with all these pride and glory where do, we stand today? Are we really inheriting all these virtues and pride to the next generation? Are we really worth or deserve to have so much of freedom and liberty which our forefathers have strived hard to bestow on us? Are we truly enjoying the benefits of our past glory and the independence we got? Do our children know all the sacrifices of the great men and women who have laid down their lives even to achieve this great feat?

Imagine for a moment the Father of our Nation- Mahatma Gandhi was not there to fight for our freedom which we enjoy today seamlessly, what would have been the fate of Indians now? Can we talk so freely, do so may agitations and demonstrations both for good and bad? Would have been there so many political parties each trying to grab the headlines in newspapers and television channels by adopting any means? Even in such a democratic space, we find that
citizens have to lay down their valuable life for the bullets. At least senior citizens and intellectuals who are in their last leg of their life have to allow some time in the short period of their existence as to how to remedy
the situation which is dwindling in values day by day. Can we not do agitation at least for this good cause and purpose?

Let us pray to God for His great love to bring all of us together without any hatred or discrimination through one country in the name of India. We have an onerous responsibility of preserving our country’s heritage, culture and the past and handover the same intact to the next generation if not adding value to it before handing it over. Open the TV channels and newspapers-aghast! The news about small children being abused, working women being mistreated in public and in cabs, teachers misbehaving with girl students, one lady Professor inducing the girl students to circumvent to the lustful needs of her authorities, Doctors taking photographs of women with malafide intentions, Policeman despite being paid well nowadays taking bribes and leaving the criminals untouched for the sake of money, Ministers and officials using nay misusing their power and positions amaze wealth, Vice Chancellors and Chief Ministers like Lallu Prasad cooling their heels behind the bars et al do not augur well for the holy land of Bharath which produced so many great men and women who were utterly selfless! It is for this reason that we got freedom?

Churchill the past Prime Minister of U.K is said to have told that we, Indians do not deserve freedom and independence. Are we proving him right now? Is there a sense of social commitment and peoples welfare on the part of the rulers who are always conscious of their selfish intent and not even an iota of concern for the people of this vast subcontinent? Did Mahatma and other freedom fighters sacrifice their life for this sorry state of affairs?
Such an amount of corruption and atrocities were not there even during the British rule- that is what we learn from our grandfathers. It is high time that people should realise the value of freedom and independence and should strive hard to ensure that the country becomes a better place to live and cherish. The citizens have a great responsibility to elect people with incredible honesty and character as otherwise we would only be saddled with corrupt leaders. Let us also teach the children of our glorious past and bring them up with good character and values! Will it happen?

Yes, why, not? All of us should put forward our heart and soul in this herculean task and pave way for its achievement. Let us take a pledge today and now!

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