Any investor or trader who wish to enter in the zestful world of trading should possess a knowledge of different strategies adopted0 in the stock market. An investor can develop their own unique strategies based on their requirement and in this blog, we’ll be discussing about 5 stock trading strategies that would help a beginner who steps into stock market. But, to choose a right investment strategy, it’s better to seek advice from experts like Goodwill.


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  1. Intraday Trading Strategy:

Intraday trading or day trading is adopted by traders who wish to buy and sell the stocks on the same day. These traders prefer short term investments with a minimal return from the day trading stocks. The day traders might have a chance of gaining profits or facing losses as it’s dependent on the stocks performance till the closing hours of the market. Intraday trading strategy is highly volatile and requires quick decision-making skills while choosing the stocks.

  1. Swing Trading Strategy:

Swing trading strategy is adopted by traders who would like to hold on to their stocks for more than a day to gain additional profits from their stocks. These traders are capable of predicting overnight short term fluctuations that might occur in the market. Most of the swing traders are technical traders and they have more time for holding the stocks.

  1. Positional Trading Strategy:

A positional trading strategy allows an investor to hold the stocks for a few months to years. Positional traders are expected to gain more profits from their investment as their investment is over a long period. Positional traders conduct technical and fundamental analysis to choose the best stocks in the stock market.

  1. Technical Trading Strategy:

A technical trader analyzes the market based on its performance. Traders would technically analyze the stock performance to determine the price variations in the stock. The performance of a stock is dependable on demand and supply and implementing technical analysis will help you to view the market based on the future scopes.

  1. Fundamental Trading Strategy:

The fundamental trading strategy is based on the company’s specific events and the fundamentalists are long-term investors. A fundamental trader would predict the stock price by analyzing the company’s performance, infrastructure and economic statistics.


Implementing the right trading strategy will help you to make your investment successful. If you’re planning to invest in a long-term stocks, choose the stocks by conducting technical and fundamental analysis. Hence, implement the best trading strategies by seeking expert guidance from Goodwill.

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