Thank those who criticise you- They are only serving you !

We, as human beings, are driven many a time by animal instincts rather than based on objective analysis proving right the theory of evolution that human beings originally evolved through monkeys. None today would dare to accept this statement but if one were to analyse the actions and reactions of the behaviour of human beings in critical phase of their life we tend to be inclined to agree to the statement. Human beings like dogs and cobra could be easily made to fall a prey to even the small triggers and provocations which actually exhibit the latent instincts and character of them. Otherwise how do you explain that one kills the other for no valid rhyme or reason which we come across being reported day in and day out in the media.

The schools and colleges with the patronising parents agog in abundance transform students as mugging machines without even an iota of orientation towards the life related skils. Students are strongly advised to keep off their mind (thinking or analytical) at home and get tutored by the teachers per se and expect them to Vomit the same in the examination which is done by them religiously to obtain high marks in the competitive examinations. Never, ever the school or college intend to prepare the students to acquire life winning skills and strategies when the world changes dramatically in a highly dynamic environs. Innovation and creativity often thrown into oblivion and they are untouchable words in the world of education. No wonder these students with glittering medals and certificates in their bags more often than not are capable of coping with the pressures and challenges the life on the earth poses at present. Students with high marks and studying in great institutions like IITs commit suicide –is it not a shame on the education and the system? Even some small corrective reprimands and admonitions by the parents and teachers are not even assimilated by the young children; instead they take shelter into nibbling acts of unpleasant consequences. In fact people who criticise us are the ones who are really interested in us and in our welfare. They are doing a great job for us to identify our shortcomings and rectify the same for our benefit knowing full well of the wrath it invites and it comes to us free of cost and out of their experience ! But we hate those who criticise us and more often than not, avoid them as well. “When you are being criticised you’re being noticed” says an English aphorism. It is a recognition and concealed admiration and provides an impetus to be better. This happens at home, school, in public and in organisations. Criticism with good intention without any malafide motives should always be welcome from anyone. Children and adults should be taught inter alia, the basics of emotional competence and composure. Only a tree laden with sweet mangoes often attracts stone pelting. Yes, wise, intelligent and objective criticisms do enhance
our inner strength and confidence to perform better and emerge as achievers!

So welcome the critics with folded hands and thank them profusely !

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