Sometimes masks are not enough, Add a layer of protection with Corona Kavach!

It is not just you and me; around the world millions are stuck at home, scared of the chaos at the door. It’s been quite a while and yes all of us have had enough, but Isn’t it always better to follow the rules, use soap regularly, wear a mask, and to always follow the social distancing norms than giving up?

Amidst this chaotic pandemic, there are people trudging the darkness all alone and moving forward to help humanity survive. There is a drastic change in everyone’s life and slowly we are all coping with this unexpected new normal. We at GWC INDIA INSURANCE, take pride in them, and we are here to suggest a scheme that gives you a chance which has the potential to ease the pain.

At this time of need, our experts got together to figure out a solution to the many problems that people are forced to face today. With the aim of giving something to the society that could aid them and remove some of the complications, while facing the novel coronavirus our experts came upon Corona Kavach. A scheme specially made to help ward off COVID’19. This never before seen scheme will enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones from the raging hands of COVID’19, by removing financial anxiety and difficulty by providing with the best available health services.

In times of need, there arises helping hands that will pull you to safety and keep you secure, here is GWC INDIA INSURANCE lending a hand to get you back to the safe zone.


Specially created to help the people who are at risk, GWC’s Corona Kavach is a Health Insurance indemnity policy that will give you the choice of prioritising your health over financial liabilities.


Corona Kavach, helps you overcome your financial difficulties while you are recovering from COVID’19, this Kavach will enable you to cover your hospital expenses up to the sum you have insured for in the event of hospitalisation due to COVID’19 alone.



Salient features of the Kavach,

Specially designed with attractive never before seen benefits:

  1. The base cover is for COVID’19 hospitalisation.
  2. The sum assured ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000.
  3. The age limit for the cover applicant is 18-65 years of age.
  4. The policy waiting period is 15 days.
  5. No pre-medical test is required.
  6. The available time-periods of the scheme payments are 3 1/2 or 6 1/2 or 9 1/2 months.(It is to be noted that the 9 1/2 months policy will expire by 31/03/2021)
  7. Pre/ Post hospitalisation benefits for 15-30 days.
  8. Home care of up to 14 days can be covered with the Kavach
  9. There are optional covers available for hospital cash at 0.5% of sum assured per day for a maximum of 15 days. (e.g for 1lac cover; Rs 500/- can be claimed for a period of 15 days= Max 7500/-)
  10. Ambulance charges of Rs 2000/ per Hospitalisation are included in the Kavach.
  11. There are options that give you a chance to opt for a Premium mode or a Single premium mode.
  12. Co-morbidities like Diabetes, BP, etc are also covered by the policy.

The impact of the novel Corona Virus is visible and strong, you can feel the gloom spreading across the world from just a glance outside of your room. But what is more appalling is the stigma surrounding it. You can never be sure about the “whens” or “hows” but you can give yourself an option to have a chance to prioritise your health with strategic and beneficial Insurance policies.

CORONA KAVACH, an integral layer of safety

With GWC INDIA INSURANCE, gift yourself peace of mind and the choice of prioritising your and your loved one’s health with the Corona Kavach. Amidst the chaos let us keep our distance, yet stay together and move forward together, helping and supporting each other on the way.

Visit GWC INDIA INSURANCE or contact us today on +91 98412 90771 for further details. Stay safe and help stay safe!



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