Mutual Funds give an average ROI of 15 % p.a in long term.It’s time !

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Mutual Funds give an average ROI of 15 % p.a in long term.It’s time !

Investing in Mutual Funds is a simple and convenient way for building wealth. As a pooled investment vehicle, Mutual Funds offer several advantages. MFs are advantageous because the Fund Manager will buy the shares of those companies-good ones- when they fall in present circumstances due to war, pandemic and other reasons at a reduced rate and will keep the average cost of the shares as low as possible. The SIP mode of investing in MFs is indeed a boon to the investors.

Digital Accessibility: Online platforms allow you to invest in just a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of investment modes and access your account statements and portfolio details easily.

An Opportunity to Start Small: If you want to start small, begin by investing with a minimal amount of ₹500 every month through a SIP [Systematic Investment Plan].

Potential for Long-term Wealth Creation: To create wealth, allow the power of compounding to work in your favor as you stay invested for a long period.

Achieve Diversification: The principle of diversification enables you to invest across different companies, sectors and/or asset classes that may reduce your overall investment risks.

Tax Saving: ELSS investments offer deduction of income through Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. With a brief lock-in of three years, tax-saving ELSS may also help you build your wealth in the long run.

Professional Management: Qualified fund managers make skilled investment decisions based on in-depth research and expertise to help maximize your returns.

Transparency: Every AMC has to follow defined guidelines as laid down by SEBI. This transparency ensures that your interests as an investor are secured.

Easy Redemption: Besides the ability to access your funds at any point in time, Mutual Funds also offer high liquidity& easy redemption facility.

*Most Mutual Fund open ended schemes, barring few like ELSS, Solution Oriented category schemes, etc. have no lock-in period. You can withdraw your money at any time subject to exit load, if any.” For all your investments reach Goodwill Wealth Management P Ltd

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