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Nureca Limited incorporated in 2016, based in Mumbai is engaged in the business of home healthcare and wellness products. The company enables its customers with tools to help them monitor chronic ailments and other diseases to improve their lifestyle. They are distributor of health and wellness products. The company’s aim to deliver high quality products to improve the lifestyle of customers. The product portfolio includes Chronic Device Products, Orthopedic products, Mother and Child products, Nutrition Supplements, and Lifestyle products. They are also selling their product via their online portal drtrust.in. They are selling their products via online partner websites like e-commerce players, retailers and distributor.Nureca sells its products through online channel partner such as e-commerce players, distributors and retailer and through own website drtrust.in. The following brands are currently being used by our Company for its existing product range:

Dr Trust: This is our flagship brand. The products catered under the Dr. Trust brand enables the users to effectively monitor chronic alignments and improve their lifestyle.

Dr Physio: This brand is used for our products under orthopedic category such as electric massagers, wheelchairs and walkers. It offers the most imaginative, unwinding, restorative, wellbeing and individual care products.

Trumom: This brand is used for our products under Mother and Child Care category which offers mother care and child care products to enhance the parenthood experience. Nureca will utilise issue proceeds for incremental working capital requirements and general corporate purposes.

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