How to save money for my family members?

Everywhere around you, there is an inspiration and hidden stories and opportunities to learn from, one doesn’t necessarily need to be an artist to see them. For example, LEGOS, we have all played with legos at some point in our lives, and some of us even do so now. Legos are an excellent stress buster.

When we made those palaces and robots and our own versions of Bing Bong, We built them from scratch, we compile different tiny pieces of legos, some very similar ones and some rare pieces, some in red and some in yellow to make this big Bing Bong. The whole essence of this Bing Bong comes from these tiny parts that put together gives off rich unique aura of authenticity and acceptance. Once our bing bong is made we dissemble them and put them away in little safe boxes because left alone they can be potential hazards to our dear feet.

Aren’t we all just another Bing Bong carved out by our families, and now that we are all these established creatures of our own kind, isn’t it time to take care of our tiny little Lego boxes that made us?

How to save money for my family members

If you have finally thought of this good deed here is GOODWILL to assist you and guide you in this path. You can save and invest in various financial and physical assets like a land, gold, diamond and a lot more with acute safety, liquidity and profitability

There are two ways by which you can go ahead and do this process,

1. For a specific individual.
2. For a specific event.
3. For a specific cause.

If you are planning to save for an individual there are plans and schemes like post office deposit, Mutual Funds, Pension Schemes, Insurance. Based on commitments in the name of family members will have to be done.

If it is for an event, investments for specific purposes like for marriage, buying house, higher education etc may be done. On the other hand, if you are saving for a cause, Insurance of Assets or Life and medical insurance can also be taken. Adding to this a nomination facility can be availed and also “Will” can be prepared and kept so as to avoid future miscalculations.

Now is your time to make a decision and choose what suits you the best, for this you can contact Goodwill at or at +91 – 44 – 4020 5050, they will lead you to your destined path and also assist you in opening a free Demat account and help you start trading. If you are new to this arena besides free online lessons, classes and seminars by famous investors will also be made available to you.



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