How to Reduce Losses in Market?

The invention of fire was, is, and will be the most moving invention of all time. After the invention of fire, homosapiens entered a new phase of life and living and it all began there.

But, do you know what the consequences of that fateful day on which humans first got a hand of the red flower was?


Prometheus the one who made us out of clay gifted us with fire; he lit a torch from the sun and gifted it to humans. The consequences that he had to face were however more than tragic.

Zeus had him chained on top of the Caucasus Mountain with unbreakable adamanite chains and had an eagle feed on his liver, this cycle repeated every day considering the fact that Prometheus indeed was an immortal. The only way he could get out of this vicious cycle was if an immortal sacrifices his/her life for Prometheus and also a mortal had to slaughter the eagle. In the end according to mythology Hercules slaughters the eagle and Chiron agrees to sacrifice himself.

How to reduce losses in Market

What did Prometheus lose and gain here?

A dear life and an eternity of pain.

Was there a way he could have reduced the loss he had to go through?

Well, that is not for us to decide but there certainly is a way for you to do so, and the answer is “Stop Loss”. What is Stop Loss? It is a tool that sells an asset when it reaches a particular price point thus limiting loss or gain in a trade.

Furthermore, did you know that to reduce the loss you can take assistance from brokers like GOODWILL who will assist you in taking knowledge-based trading or investment decisions with a constant update on techniques like technical analysis and Fundamental analysis which are based on research calls that will help in making a profit. But all this is possible only if you have a reasonable return expectation.

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