How to Open a Demat Account?

Remember the Floppy disk and our good old CD-ROM? There were days when possessing any one of these was a privilege. Digital methods replaced the manual methods to store data.

We once knew of more than one manual ways of storing data and much more. Gone are those days when rice baskets were used to store cash.  Nowadays, they are stored electronically in banks. Today everyone uses debit cards or credit cards even the roadside vegetable vendor asks for Paytm. Changes have happened everywhere. It will continue to happen because it is an inevitability.

How to Open a Demat Account

A very similar change has happened in the stock market too. Just like we need a bank to store money, in the stock market we now use demat accounts to store stocks.

Demat account is used to dematerialise the shares. Stocks were stored in physical format initially.  Demat account came as a saviour here and today, stock trading cannot be carried without owning a Demat account which is highly safe and offers a great sense of security. A single demat account can hold various financial instruments.

It thus offers greater convenience and flexibility. Demat accounts provide the benefit of performing investments on the run. Physical presence is no more a necessity. The charges will be less owing to the electronic transactions. The transfers can be done through a delivery instruction slip easily. You can also easily convert physical securities to electronic format or vice versa.

For opening a demat account, approach a trusted brokerage firm like GOODWILL COMMODITIES who will acquaint you with the rules and regulations of the trade. A bonus point in doing so is that you can open your demat account for free with Goodwill. After the verification of the account, you can perform transactions using the unique ID and the account number.

As you already know the many benefits associated with opening a demat account, start today and open a demat account online for free, contact Goodwill and start investing in stocks. For further queries, you can contact Goodwill at or give a call at +91 – 44 – 4020 5050.


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