How to make money in currency market?

You are on a shopping spree at the mall. You have bought dresses, fashion accessories and aesthetic products. You pay the money depending on the value of the article. It is synonymous with the stock market with an exception. Replace the commodity with a currency.

Initially, when trading began, there were no currencies. Trading was done through barter system initially. The Babylonians were the first people to introduce paper notes or currencies. The present-day currency market evolved during World War II. It stabilised the global economy. The value of the US dollar was dependent on the value of gold. The value of other currencies was dependent on the value of the US Dollar.

The currency market is the largest financial market in the world. It is an inter-network of all the banks and investors from around the world. It is involved in trading of currencies. It provides maximum profits. These markets operate round the clock and are quite flexible. There are no restrictions on the amount of money to be traded.

Two options are available to trade. It can be either on the spot or on futures agreement.

Currency Market is a risky arena. To enjoy any gain here, you have to be extremely patient and start investment after getting the calls.


It is mainly used by people who are involved in the import and export of products. They use this market for hedging their open positions which are subject to huge risks on account of wide fluctuations in the value of Rupee against other foreign currencies like US Dollar, UK Pound sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen etc.

You can open an account to start with currency market through an NSE/BSE Broker with KYC documents.

But again this is a risky arena and a place to be trodden with care and caution.

You can contact any broker with expertise in this market such as GOODWILL.

Start an account and get guidance for the same. Goodwill has excellent knowledge about hedging and currency market.

Utilise this opportunity and start with the currency market with patience and care.

Keep your emotions at bay and trade wisely!


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