How to Know Investment Tricks in India?

India is a cricket loving nation and who doesn’t love Dhoni? Even though he has stepped down from captaincy, he still assists the team during crucial stages of the match. Standing behind the stumps, he not only radiates confidence but also imparts courage to his teammates. Don’t we also need someone like Dhoni to offer us tips and tricks? Not on cricketing, but on investing.

We might not have a Dhoni, but we have Goodwill for providing us with the necessary investment tricks. The basic point is to invest in companies which have proved to be exemplary in their domain. Always make realistic investment decisions and not based on returns always. There must always be thorough research and planning before beginning an investment. Don’t invest randomly rather associate your investment with a futuristic goal you wish to achieve.

How to know investment tricks

Allocate your budget for each month and concentrate on financial planning. Never plan your investments in a single option and diversify it in financial instruments like bank deposits, insurance, bonds, stocks and pension funds. No market is stable and might go downhill from time to time. The key is not to panic during those times and wait for it to bounce back to the normal stage again.

It is always better to avoid herd mentality as Warren Buffet has rightly pointed out that “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful!” You take your own decisions based on the information you have obtained and the research you have done.

Always invest in a stock you understand and don’t make decisions based on hearsay. You should never time the market. Always invest the money in a periodical and systematic approach. You must never let your emotions take control of you in taking decisions regarding investments. Don’t be either over-optimistic nor pessimistic. Have realistic expectations.

Invest using your surplus funds because the stock market is quite volatile. Constantly review the market and how the trends follow.

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