How to Do Investments through Mobile?

The Mobile phone is a very important part of our lives, however much we deny it we cannot live without it. We are all addicted to it in some way or the other; our daily routines are structured around the battery life of our mobile phone. Let us not look into the negative part of it, let’s go through the positive parts it, it does enable us in many ways that we humans would not have been able to do ourselves.

A Mobile phone today has the power to feed us, dress us, take us to places, and also to keep us fit.

How to do investments through Mobile

Our carnal needs FOOD SHELTER AND CLOTHING can be fulfilled within minutes by just a few clicks and taps.

That is the power of a mobile phone now, so why not trade with a phone?

Keeping this concept in mind, GOODWILL COMMODITIES has put this concept into action and has come up with a mobile app known as GAMA with which you can buy and sell shares and commodities anywhere at any time. The App also provides all facilities that a regular PC or laptop software application can provide.

So if you are interested in investing through your phone download the app GAMA available in play store and click away!

For further details contact Goodwill at or at +91 – 44 – 4020 5050.

But whether you are trading through your phone or through your mobile there are certain things that should always be in your mind and must be given utmost importance and that are using hedging and stop-loss techniques in trading. Invest in various stocks rather than sticking to a single one. Communication is a key factor. Informing the requirements beforehand to the online broker will prevent errors. Observe the stocks and notice the trends. Keep all these in the brightest corner of your mind and always know that Goodwill is just a call away to give you assistance and support whenever you require it.

Keep GOODWILL in your mind and heart, because it is all things GOOD that take you to your destiny.



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