How to become Share Trading Sub Broker in India?


GOODWILL is a well established, full-service broker of financial management services. They are experts in commodity trading with MCX/ICEX/NSE/BSE, and capital market trading as registered trading member with NSE,BSE,MSE, and mutual funds registered intermediary with AMFI. The benefits of trading with GOODWILL are manifold, thanks to their philosophy of providing utmost value to their customers, thereby gaining confidence and market share through trust and respect. Benefits that GOODWILL customers can currently avail of include their exclusive mobile application that allows mobile trading and instant access to look at account stats and market data, unlimited call-and-trade service for people who like placing their orders over the phone, free opening of trading and demat accounts, free online training via webinars that provide valuable insights, tips, and skills to traders. GOODWILL offer you the chance to work alongside them as a partnered sub-broker, in a mutually beneficial relationship, whereby profits are shared with you in exchange for your help in expanding the GOODWILL name into different areas of India. As of 2020, GOODWILL’s services can be accessed at over 200 branches and sub-brokers which are mainly located in South India. New sub-brokers are joining up all the time and helping to make GOODWILL’s name visible nationwide.


GOODWILL will provide you with back office support, a dedicated land-line, and a trading terminal including risk management software, MCX, BSE and NSE support. You will get research advice and market updates regularly through phone, chat and email methods as well as personal training so you can learn everything you need to know about how to run a sub broker business. Contract notes, and billing to the end clients will be handled by GOODWILL directly. The provisos are that you should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in selling financial products and have a good reputation and track record in financial services or other business, and have a good client base. Perhaps the sweetest part of the deal is that there will be no capital setup cost to you, the sub-broker.


In addition to what has been mentioned in the previous section, there are further benefits to be availed by those people who are able to set up their own office space. By becoming a GOODWILL authorised person, you will be entitled to GOODWILL business cards, a glow-sign skin, and other marketing leaflets. You will have a relationship manager assigned to you personally who will communicate with you via phone, email and chat to service all your requests and keep you updated of all the latest news and developments. You will also get direct access to the centralised back office system via the online portal.


Applying to become a sub-broker with GOODWILL could not be any simpler. All you need to do is go to and fill in the online form, after which one of the GOODWILL representatives will get in touch with you to talk about your situation and past record, and determine if you meet the requirements. If you satisfy the criteria, they will guide you through the process of formalising the agreement. Alternatively you can telephone them directly on +91 80122 78000






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