How COVID 19 Changes the Economy in India?

The novel Corona Virus has brought along with it death, chaos and other issues though now invisible to the naked eye are bound to create a deep chasm in the working of many countries. As far as the economic changes in India 2020 are concerned, India was already going through a sluggish economic growth the previous year. Now combined with rising unemployment, interest rates, and fiscal deficit, the Indian economy has already started suffering.

 A contraption in GDP is an unavoidable obstacle as of now. Incomes will drop. Jobs will be lost. However, the impact of the contraction will vary across sectors, states, and even social groups. Some sectors like that of agriculture and Government will be seen to be facing no contractions, but other sectors will have to adhere to and overcome the contractions in the very near future if not now.

 Better than dwelling into how the economy will recover from this crisis, let us see how it is already on the path of recovery. When the unexpected havoc struck everyone’s life businesses were forced to shut down, incomes were cut off and almost everywhere people were forced to look into their continuity and contingency plans. This gave birth to a wave of work from home movements. Most businesses are carrying on with this new way of normal, and people are slowly getting themselves accustomed to this new way of living. People have started ventures for on-demand products like sanitizers, face masks, and the like. When you look around, you can already see a group that is carrying on and pushing further and another which due to lack of resources are getting crushed hard.

 As far as the market scenario is concerned, the market never stops. Though the days are bleak and gloomy and there are clashes happening everywhere, what goes down has to come up, if not now then some other time. The market is remaining calm and patient and following through with adapted strategies. With expert support and analysis, traders have made good use of the fall.

 COVID-19 for sure is a black swan in everyone’s life. However, staying on a positive note, it has awakened the conscience in everyone and people are in a frenzy to know more and learn more to earn better. Abiding by this new demand in the market many brokerage firms, like Goodwill Commodities, have brought up services to help the traders excel.

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