It’s been more than a year that COVID-19 has ruined our lives and we’re still on a recovery phase to make our lives normal. During this effective lockdown, many people had undergone financial crisis to tackle their monthly expenses. But, despite all these happenings, have you ever analyzed the performance of the Indian share market?

Before the outbreak of pandemic, the Indian economy has witnessed notable growth. The Indian Government has taken necessary steps to recover the economic growth by encouraging the investors to make their investments effectively. Many investors have started to choose the best performing stocks in the market by conducting technical analysis based on the market fluctuations.

Yes! If you’re a stock market investor, you should choose the stocks after analyzing its future scopes as it will help you to fetch better returns. But, if you’re new to stock investments, then it’s advised to seek the guidance from the market experts like Goodwill. Goodwill is one of India’s trusted brokerage firms that offers expert strategies to its valuable investors. To know more about Goodwill, click here!

In this blog, we’ll discuss about the factors that shocked the Indian share market reacted during the lockdown as it will help you to explore the stock performance and sector that outperformed in the pandemic.


The first case of COVID-19 was reported on the month of January. Later the COVID cases surged in India and strict lockdown was imposed to restrict the numbers of rising COVID cases. After imposing lockdown in India, the Indian stock market had to undergo a slight depreciation in the stock market due to the market performance. As the lockdown was temporary, some investors withdrew their investments from stocks while many investors held on to their stocks to fetch better returns.


The Market outlook is a term that helps an investor to forecast the future trend of the company, economic segment and stock market exchange. The market outlook can be determined by closely examining the past performance of stocks, consumer demand and prevailing economic factors. This determines the performance of the market and would help the investor to plan his investment wisely.


During this pandemic, few investors withdrew their investment from the stocks thinking that the market would never prevail further. But, they were proven wrong. After a slight relaxation in the lockdown, the market began to showcase its potential with a stunning rise in the price value of stocks. Investors who made emotional decision had to face loss while investors who choose to hold their stocks benefited.

Nowadays, investors are aware of choosing the best stocks by conducting technical analysis or by seeking guidance from experts. Hence, never choose stocks based on emotional value rather analyze the stocks based on its future scopes.


Investing in the stock market will fetch you an additional income to meet your expenses.  A stock market investment is termed to be a financial asset that can assist you in times of crisis. Hence, investing a portion of savings in the stock market could benefit you at the time of financial needs.

Investing is easy but choosing a stock is not that easy as you need to conduct technical and fundamental analysis to predict the performing stocks to fetch better. Get guidance from Goodwill, having a decade of experience in the share market, they can guide you to choose the best stocks. Start your trade with Goodwill and enjoy the lowest brokerage fee offered in the market.

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