Has Science genuinely helped and enhanced Human life ?

Human beings as they are, are normally driven by a sense of fear over everything that they come across. They have phobia blended in their psychological frame of mind. They fear for fire, violent water, forests, animals, hurricane, diseases and everything. That is how our forefathers lived -born on fear, lived on fear and died of fear. Over the years and centuries human beings started understanding the Nature and behaviour of everything including other human beings , animals and other natural elements and started finding ways and means to cope up with them and live with them over a long period of time. Slowly Human beings started shedding their fears by becoming friendly with animals like cows, bulls, sheep, dogs and also with even dangerous species like cobras and started even worshipping them, in some parts of this Universe, particularly in places like in India and elsewhere. The dangers of floods slowly made them to move from the river and seashore to far away places and likewise fearing dangerous animals, they started moving away from forests and jungles. Human beings at this stage started being highly innovative to make their life a little more comfortable by building huts and houses and started living as a mass or conglomeration in a small way as an organised society. Thus slowly they started shedding their fear-psychosis. Then everyone started learning the techniques of defending themselves and their kith and kin from the perils of nature and other sources of dangers by creating small weapons with stones, bow and arrow. As civilisation started moving up, they made the same with metals. But still they did not learn the art of moving with people for they feared that other sects of human beings too pose dangers to their existence like you see groups of animals like elephants going together in the forests fearing other animals like Lions and tigers.

Compare this with the present behaviour of human behaviour. If we could at the present juncture venture to make an honest analysis of the human behaviour even after so much of boastful scientific and other related inventions and discoveries to his credit, one would only conclude unabashedly that the basic character of the human beings of phobia- driven instinct has not diminished even an iota. The only perceptible difference that fear persists and it is owing to the fear of humans about other humans. Otherwise how would you explain the the First world war from 1918-1922 and the Second world war from 1939- 1942. All these were man-made- an invasion over people of one sect or country over the other. Thousands died in the wars. Even before that history is abundant with a lot of terrible statistics like the casualties in Panipat war, War during the Great Emperor Ashoka’s period, during British period like Jalianwallahbagh massacre and many, many more. The point to discern herein is the fear psychosis
in human beings has not diminished a bit; on the contrary it has gown manifold thanks to the unabated greed for power, money, land and what not and the scientific inventions like nuclear bombs, chemical weapons and so on. So let us as Human beings introspect as to what really is the achievement and civilisation mean to us now. Science has indeed facilitated the humans to extend their life through modern medical interventions, so many gadgets, vehicles of transportation so on and so forth. But has it really led the human beings to live peacefully, a life with contentment and fulfilment?

The honest answer is a big No”! What could be the possible reasons? What could be termed as the magic potion for all these maladies? Yes, The answer lies nowhere else but in our Indian culture and civilisation of ancient times. Our scriptures and discourses of Saints and Sadhus have always reiterated the need to search peace and tranquility rather them the getting drowned in materialistic obsession.

Thus Science is embroiled as a debatable subject per se- whether it has genuinely contributed for the human excellence and well-being or otherwise- a million dollar question indeed!!

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