GW Investor Education initiative! Goodwill’s EAGLE’S EYES!

Goodwill Investor Education initiative! Goodwill’s EAGLE’S EYES!

Reliance AGM 2021: Chairman Mukesh Ambani’s speech with a lot of surprises and new initiatives!

Inducts Aramco Chairman into Board..Big plans for JIO…Green Energy initiatives !Jio Institute  !

Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani made numerous announcements during the company’s AGM; here’s a look at the full text of the speech

The Company’s accounts for the year ended March 31, 2021 have already been circulated to you. With your permission, I would like to take them as read.

Our business performance and financial success since the last AGM have exceeded our expectations, despite the pandemic. But I shall come to that later in my address.

What has given me far greater happiness than our business performance is Reliance’s humanitarian efforts during these exceedingly difficult times. I feel both proud and humbled to share with you that throughout the COVID crisis, our Reliance Family has risen to the occasion with a sense of purpose and national duty. Our entire organisation has become energised with the spirit of service.

We remained committed to our vision for Education and Sport for All. Within days of the outbreak, our 14 schools turned into digital schools. They became safe havens of positivity and learning for thousands of students who embraced virtual schooling with unimaginable enthusiasm!

We have also worked very hard through these challenging times, to bring our dream project – the Jio Institute – to life! Jio Institute is envisioned to be an exemplary academic institution with a world class platform for research, innovation, and lifelong learning.

It will prepare the next generation of global leaders who will significantly contribute to the advancement of India and the world. Despite the pandemic, I am pleased to announce that Jio Institute is all set to commence academic sessions at their campus in Navi Mumbai this year itself!

This year we also launched Reliance Foundation Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Using the power of digital, we also helped rural communities safeguard their lives and livelihoods from the natural calamities that affected India this year, be it the floods in Assam and Uttarakhand, or the cyclones on our eastern and western coast.

Now I would like to take you through the work that Reliance Foundation is doing in our nation’s fight against the pandemic. Over the past 15 months, for Mukesh and me, the top priority has been to do whatever we can to help our nation and our people in these difficult times.

Traditionally, we have never produced medical grade liquid oxygen. Yet when the need arose, we repurposed our Jamnagar refinery within days, to produce high-purity medical grade liquid oxygen and, within two weeks, we ramped up production to a massive 1100 Metric Tonnes per day.

It would normally take over a year to set up a new medical grade oxygen plant of this capacity. But it was a super-human effort by our Reliance engineers, who put in more than 85,000 man-hours of work in less than 10 days to make it possible. They delivered what mattered the most, when it mattered the most!

In the oxygen supply chain, we have addressed India’s serious bottleneck of tankers. Reliance procured 100 new medical-grade oxygen tankers both from within India and other parts of the world, like Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Indonesia, and put them into service within two weeks.

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