Goodwill Investors’ Education initiative!Goodwill’s Eagle Eyes!

Goodwill Investors’ Education initiative!Goodwill’s Eagle Eyes!


Yes, MFs rule the roost ! 2021 proved to be the best for MFs with record collections!

Yes, with the uncertainty prevailing in the market, now aggrevated due to Omicron pandemic, investors have rightly chosen the MF route to park their savings in 2021.Retail investors have  continue to increase their contributions to Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Mutual Funds in December and even earlier in 2021.

This has naturally resulted in the year 2021 recording a higher inflow  in eveery successive month in 2021. Monthly SIP investment  for Dec 2021 hit a historic high of Rs 11,305 Cr with Net assets under management (AUM) of MFs ending the year at Rs 37,72,696 vs Rs 3733, 702 in Nov 2021.

AMFI has declared that the total no. of accounts under SIP for Dec was 4.9 Cr up from 4.78 Cr in Nov- showing an increase of 12.5 L MoM basis.

In fact the data is interesting to note.The net inflow for all the four categories of open-ended schemes- growth/equity, hybrid, solution oriented and others like Index schemes, ETFs etc.,reported positive inflows during the month .Of course income/debt oriented funds have witnessed some out flow of funds in the form of withdrawls.

So investors are advised to continue their investment in SIP and those waiting on the fence need to take a decision to enter now.

Goodwill is always ready to help you in your invest5ment decisions. So please avail the same and get benefitted.

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