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Invest through the Direct plans of MF and get advantage !

Direct plans of MFs were launched almost  5 years ago. HNIs and Corporate investors  have taken advantage of these plans and have gained substantially.  Direct plans are cheaper than regular plans. Many small investors remain stuck with regular plans due to lack of awareness. The compounding effect  of  the cost savings could be  significant.

If one goes by the average category of  returns for direct and regular plans  the additional gain over a 3 year period for someone with Rs 50 L investment in direct plans of diversified equity funds is Rs 2.04 L. Similarly the direct debt-funds is higher by Rs 1.05 L.

An SIP of Rs 10,000/- for 30 years will generate a corpus of Rs 2.27 Cr at 10 % CAGR and  Rs 2.83 cr @ 11% CAGR- a difference of Rs 55 L.

If you have the expertise, you can study the market, do some analysis with numbers, you can structure your own portfolio and select suitable direct plans with equity or debt or hybrid investments. Else one can take expert advice from Regd. Investment Advisors(RIA). While doing so ensure that they do not have conflict of interest and  insist on seamless  review of the performance of the fund and switch and swap whenever necessary.

Web-sites of the Fund Houses  help us to buy from them free of transaction  charges . Note down your log in ID and PW and keep this for a minimum no. of schemes. But all MFs do not provide this facility , like Mirae, LIC MF.

There are three kinds of online sites for direct plans. Portals like ORP Wealth, COIN  and  Clearfunds. But all these charge a small fee as transaction fees and they  are done through your D-Mat a/c which is at  a cost.

However for those who do not have time and knowledge resources, it is advisable to invest through the regular schemes of the Fund who will guide you appropriately from time  to time.

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