Goodwill Investors’ Education initiative Goodwill’s Eagle Eyes!

Goodwill Investors’ Education initiative Goodwill’s Eagle Eyes!

Mutual Fund Corner: It’s time to invest in MF scheme as there is a correction in Indices.Start SIP today.

Market correction is an opportunity, grab it.

The markets are getting corrected for some reason or the other but the correction is not very significant and analysts feel that this is an opportunity to do bottom-fishing particularly in Steel, cement, I.T, Pharma counters. First determine and assess your risk profile, do your home work well and then decide.

To understand how to assess a risk profile, it is important first to understand what exactly a risk profile is. The way we understand it is that it is made up of risk tolerance, risk capacity, and risk requirements, but to a lay mind probably all of them sound alike.

An analyst says “I think it is a good correction for investors. Index has corrected 10 percent but some very good stocks have corrected by 20-25 percent. So I think it is a great opportunity to buy,”.Analysts said the markets’ performance in India was part of a global shift and that he is not bearish. “The current correction in markets is not just in India, it is global in nature. The markets were correcting and the Omicron threat pushed markets lower. Indian markets have had a 10 percent correction and it seems like we are making a higher bottom on the short timeframe. So all in all I am not bearish,” said. He also said banks are likely to see a short covering rally in the near term.

“The world is shifting away from risk-off mode to risk-on. Today also, it is banks which are going to see lot of short-covering rally. You will find metal stocks that are doing well and the money is a little sceptical of things like IT and pharma. So things are moving to a risk-on phase,” said he.

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