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Goodwill  Investor Education Initiative :  GoodWill  Eagle’s Eyes!


Who is a Smart Investor?
Are you financially safe and protected?
Yes…  An astute Financial planning will facilitate it! Reach the Professionals.

Some of the youngsters,  quit even cosy  work- life years before they reached their 50th  birthday  now a days. But many  people slog it out till they breathe last- may be due to many compulsions -financially, socially or some driven by passion.These geniuses who retire early are clear about their goals and invested their money wisely for years so that they could live a retired life while maintaining their lifestyle. The day they thought they had reached their financial target, they quit. But such people are few in number and have to constantly find ways to escape being praised (with a strong undertow of sea-green envy) by near-strangers for their foresight, followed by “I need to sit down with you, I need your advice.” How many of us honestly think that we need the investment advice from those whose job is this day in and day out. Nay, we always tend to think that we know everything- all nuances of  investment and money multiplying!

And then there are entrepreneurs. Some of them work till the day they die. Others sell their businesses for a handsome sum, and have the choice of retiring. But most of them get full-time into managing their money, and many become investors in new ventures, which they mentor and meddle in. A few, though, turn to philanthropy, or to patronizing the arts, or do things they have always wanted to do—like write books, or do a PhD.

But what do you do when you are planning to do nothing? Most of them get bored out of their minds after some months, and start a new business. So it’s back to work. However, the point is that they have a freedom that the vast majority of us will never have—to do what they want to, and when they want to, or to just walk away. That is something very precious, which they have earned after years of struggle, setbacks and high stress.

But no such luck for wage slaves who are put out to pasture. Usually, they look for some sort of consultancy work to keep themselves busy. Some, who feel they were unfairly denied full recognition in their careers, become resident welfare association (RWA) office-bearers, and finally find power and gratification in thinking up RWA rules that can inconvenience or restrict the freedom of as many residents as possible. Those who are lucky to have garden, find a pleasant pursuit there.

Many bureaucrats, of course, are immediately snapped up at absurdly high salaries by the private sector, or spend the rest of their lives happily (all perks maintained) moving from one government committee to another, or parking themselves in a regulatory authority.

With life spans rising, the retired period of one’s time on earth is getting longer. Lots of people keep thinking, “Ah, just two more years to go, and then I can enjoy life.” It’s quite amazing how many people hate their jobs and have a misplaced sense of “freedom”. But once they retire, they find themselves pining away for their cabins and colleagues. A friend’s father worked for 32 years and lived an idle life for another 35, increasingly getting on his wife’s nerves. The real trouble arises when you have worked really hard and never developed any other interest. The result is depression and family tiffs.

Financial Planning and smart investment in various assets in a diversified manner like in Land, building, gold, silver, Insurance, Bank/Post office deposits, Govt bonds, proven stocks with  track record will be helpful in attaining financial independence and self reliance that would help us to retire early from the drudgery and monotony of routine office life and pave way for something that we really crave to do like  travel, pilgrimage, community/social service etc., which would provide the real peace and satisfaction.

If you can plan with the help of professionals in the field and allocate your funds enabling you to secure more of passive income to sustain you and your family, you could be termed as a smart investor!

For all your investment needs feel free to reach Goodwill.

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