Goodwill  Investor Education Initiative : GoodWill  Eagle’s Eyes! Axis bank Midcap fund and the need to invest in MF-SIP.

Goodwill  Investor Education Initiative : GoodWill  Eagle’s Eyes!

Market Round-up

 Mid-Cap surge helps MFs to give good returns: It’s time to enter into MFs-SIP:

We have always been advocating to invest affordable amounts especially by the middle/salary class investors in MFs under SIP scheme, even when the markets were down during the intense Covid ‘ 19 period. As stated as earlier, the markets have picked up momentum in the positive terrain post- covid era and the mid-cap stocks have really gained well and rewarded the investors. So the MFs -both Equity based and Hybrid funds- have always been going after the mid-cap counters and rightly so, got good returns. To cite an example we are discussing about the AXIS BANK midcap Fund scheme in the following paragraphs.

₹5,000 invested monthly in Axis Midcap Fund became ₹4.30 lakh in five years:

  • The scheme has remarkably outperformed the category average in the last five years
  • 5-year returns of Axis Midcap Fund stood at 12.43%.

Investors of Axis Mutual Fund’s equity schemes are enjoying superior returns for over last two years in a row now. The performance of Axis Mutual Fund’s equity mutual funds got far more attention as it was the time when most other equity schemes have had a poor show. Though, some of those schemes have recovered from their lows now. Axis Midcap Fund, the topper in the mid cap equity mutual funds category has grown by 13.67% annualised in the last five years and by 12.67% annualised in the last three years, for investors who have been investing through a monthly SIP.

Suppose an investor started a monthly SIP of ₹5,000 in Axis Midcap Fund since October 2015 , i.e., a period of five years, he would have made ₹4,27,000 as on today. Total investments through monthly mode were ₹3 lakh in these five years.

Shreyash Devalkar has been managing Axis Midcap Fund since November 2016. The scheme holds assets worth ₹6,732 crore.

Axis Midcap Fund has secured its place in the top quartile since 2018. Year-to-date, the scheme has maintained its position among the toppers as well.

The scheme has remarkably outperformed the category average in the last five years. According to Morningstar data, 5-year returns of Axis Midcap Fund stood at 12.43%, more than  the category on an average.

Axis Midcap fund has given over 10% returns in the last one year and 11.40% in the last three years. Here’s how a lump sum amount of ₹10,000 invested in Axis Midcap Fund has grown till date, vs its category average and index.

Top five stocks held by the scheme as on September 30 include IPCA Laporatories (5.33%), PI Industries (4.56%), Voltas (3.59%),Cholamandalam Investment and Finance (3.53%) and Mphasis (3.30%). Axis Midcap Fund has 48 stocks in its portfolio, where top 10 holdings constitute 36% of the total AUM.

According to Morningstar Risk & Return matrix, the scheme is a low risk- high return fund vs the category.

So even now it is not too late. Investors are well advised to tap the potential in mid-cap stocks by entering into some of the  MF offers  available in the market.

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