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Mutual Fund: Watch the 3 sectors for good gains in medium term. Tech, Pharma, Services sectors.

Mutual funds growing sector: Funds belonging to some sectors are looking better for investing in mutual funds.

Mutual funds: SIP- It’s time: If you are planning to invest in mutual funds, then first definitely take a look at some of the fast emerging new sectors. Since the Corona epidemic, there have been rapid changes in the technology, pharma and service sectors. The change has come in the demand pattern along with the modulation in them. If experts are assuming that to start investing in mutual funds, then sectoral schemes related to these sectors or schemes involving investments in companies related to them can be a good option. Talking about the performance of sectoral mutual funds in the last one year, technology funds have given returns of more than 97 per cent and pharma funds have given returns of more than 36 per cent.

 These 3 sectors will show power!  

Experts feel that the technology, pharma and services sector can see a strong boom in the coming times. Looking at the demand and consumer behavior, the outlook for growth in these sectors is also looking better.

The corporation says that during the pandemic, we saw a lot and learned how technology is playing an important role. Due to new technology, people’s life continued as normal despite the lockdown. The second special sector is pharma. After Kovid, the pharma sector has emerged as very important. Its role is going to be more important in the coming times as well.

The third important sector is the service sector. In the changed situation after the Corona lockdown, the service sector not only changed its technology level but also changed the way of providing service. Whether it is online delivery of essential goods or education, all types of services have changed rapidly in changing times. More changes are expected in the coming times.

In which schemes can you invest?

If you are going to invest in mutual fund schemes, then those schemes can be included in the portfolio, which are either sector specific or fund houses are investing in companies of these sectors. Experts believe that technology, pharma funds will go further. Talking about sectoral technology funds, the top 5 schemes have given returns between 70 per cent and 97 per cent in the last one year. At the same time, pharma funds have given returns of 31 to 36 percent to the investors.

MF: Easy way to start investing through SIP.

The corporation says that investing in mutual funds is very easy. It is not necessary that you have a large lump sum amount only then you can start investing. In today’s time one can invest in mutual fund schemes with a SIP of just Rs 100. Here it must be kept in mind that investing in mutual funds also carries risk. Therefore, considering your goal, age and risk appetite, you should choose the fund. From a long term perspective, one can always expect great returns on investment.

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