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MF-SIP calculator: You want to be a Crore pathi? Read this:

Monthly investment you need to make ₹5 crore in 15 years

SIP return calculator: An investor is advised to increase monthly SIP with increase in one’s money using annual step-up strategy.   Mutual fund calculator: Equity mutual funds investment for long-term helps an investor get around 12-14 per cent return on one’s money, say tax and investment experts

SIP calculator: Example: Vijay Kumar Virnave is a 45 year old professional whose monthly income is in 6 digits Vijay couldn’t save earlier for his long-term financial goals. Now, he is free from all family responsibilities as his children are well settled now and his home loan also got closed last month. Now, he is thinking of making investment for his post-retirement needs. Another  would need around ₹5 crore to meet his financial requirements post-retirement. So, Vijay is looking for an investment tool that would enable him to make ₹5 crore in 15 years.

Batting in favour of mutual funds investment; A planner  said, “The investor not only needs to beat the inflation but also needs to make sure that he doesn’t miss his investment goal as he would be retiring at the time of maturity. So, my advice for the investor is to go for equity mutual funds in SIP mode. It will help him get around 12 to 14 per cent return on one’s investment for such long term period of 15 years.”

Financial expert  went on to add that one should increase one’s monthly SIP with increase in one’s income. So, one should follow step-up SIP mode as it helps an investor to bring down one’s monthly SIP to the lowest possible levels.

On how much annual step-up would be enough for Vijay to meet his ₹5 crore goal; it is  said, “Generally, annual step-up advised to an investor is 10 per cent. But, in this case, I would suggest the investor to go for 15 per cent annual step-up as he is free from all family responsibilities and is able to earn in 6 digits. So, he should maximise his current financial status by keeping the annual step-up at 15 per cent.”

 Mutual fund calculator

Assuming 12 per cent return on one’s monthly SIP for 15 years keeping annual step-up at 15 per cent, the SIP return calculator suggests that Vijay will require ₹44,000 to start his investment. At the end of 15 years, he would get ₹5,00,39,132 or around ₹5 crore as maturity amount, which exactly what Vijay wants at the time of his retirement.

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