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Follow these 4 steps to achieve financial freedom.

Starting early and calculating your requirements correctly will not take you to the magic figure that ensures financial emancipation if you remain a prisoner of poor investing habits. Find out how you can achieve financial freedom..
Make right Investment decisions at an early age of your life with proprietary stock scores on earnings, fundamentals, relative valuation, risk and price momentum.

Diversify your investments into various asset segments like land, Bank deposits, Post office deposits (with tax benefits), Equity shares, secured debentures of  companies with track record, Mutual funds of various investment specific schemes, Insurance etc.,

Constantly monitor the NAV of each investment  and book the profits wherever it is above 15 % immediately and switch over to new schemes. Virtual profit is no profit but booking the profit is real profit.

Find new Trading ideas with weekly updated scores and analysts forecasts on key data points with in-Depth analysis of company and its peers through independent research, ratings, and market data.

Specify your financial goals and achieve them one by one…say building a house, marriage of children, their Education etc., keeping a substantail portion for your own future needs.

Financial planning and shrewd investments will make your life a free life without stress and  for that MF-SIP for a period of 10 years and more would certainly help.

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