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Critical Illness Insurance

Unforeseen circumstances, unhealthy lifestyles, and stress push us towards life-
threatening medical conditions. Anyone at any stage of life can acquire acute diseases.
At this stage, the Critical Illness insurance policy comes as a savior to you.​

What Is Critical Illness Policy?

A Critical Illness Policy is a cover specifically designed to give protection to a particular
person against a life-threatening disease. Any critical illness is long-lasting and may
require multiple visits to a hospital. What this means for the person is that there will be a
lot of economic burden of not only the hospital costs but doctor visits and other medical
expenses as well. A critical illness cover is designed in a way that it can pay a lump sum
amount for all those expenses. Also, the good news is that this lump sum amount is in
addition to any kind of health insurance that you may already have.
Health emergencies can hit you at the most unexpected times and it is thus necessary
to be prepared for this. The family not only struggles with the treatment of cost and
mental strain but they are also dealing sometimes with the loss of family income. This
can force the families to dig into their savings and spend all of these to get the best
treatment. Having a critical illness policy can solve all these problems and can make the
process a bit less harsh.​

Why Is It Important To Have A Critical Illness Cover?

Now treating a critical illness is an altogether different process and it takes time and
money to treat such illness. If you are an earning member of the family and you are
diagnosed with a critical illness you may have to skip work to get treatment which
means also cutting off the major income source for the family.
A normal health insurance plan will only cover the hospitalization cost and there will
be no other benefit. A critical illness policy is necessary because it goes beyond normal
insurance plans and helps you cover additional expenses as well.   This policy provides
a lumpsum benefit to the customers which is very beneficial. The lack of critical illness
insurance can be a trouble as it could drain your years of savings in just a month and
could hit the family very hard economically. You can buy critical illness insurance
online to have a secure future for your family and plan the needful.

Who Should Buy Critical Illness Insurance Policy?

Due to medical inflation, we all know that the cost of health care is rising day by day. In
case of a critical illness, a person is hospitalized and the cost of treatment can go sky-
high and could be difficult for the person to manage. The modern-day hectic lifestyle is
causing trouble to us all and this includes a rise in cases of cancer, kidney failure or
coma, etc.
While critical illness policy is meant for everyone, here are people who should have it at
must –
People With A Family History Of Critical Illness
Many of the critical illnesses are hereditary and thus there is a major risk of developing
a critical illness for some who have a history of the same in the family. Thus, those with
some history in the family must opt for a critical illness plan.
The role of the breadwinner for a family is very important. If something happens to them
then it will affect the whole family and not only their present but the future of the family
will be greatly affected. To be safe from these unpleasant financial situations one must
get a critical illness policy for themselves as the primary breadwinner of the house so
their family is secure in case something happens to them.
Above 40
All the people above 40 are at higher risk of developing a critical illness and thus it is
advised to buy a critical illness policy in the later stages as early as possible to manage
the premium amount easily.

With the bitter experiences of Covid '19 and mounting Medical Bills being splashed by
the Hospitals, even rich people would find it difficult to cope with the Financial stress
arising out of the unforeseen illness to anyone in the family. So wise and smart people
would always be proactive and take sufficient insurance cover for all the family
members to avert a major financial crisis. So it is time for you to consult your Goodwill to
ensure that adequate policies are taken for all.

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