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Mutual funds platform Kuvera now offers Indian investors to invest in US stocks.

 Online investment platform, has partnered with Vested Finance to enable Indian investors to invest in the US stocks such as Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Tesla and the likes.

Global Investing by the investors in India directly  into the U S stocks like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple etc., as these popular names which have been giving good ROIs over a period of time and an opportunity to diversify their portfolio.

Online investment platform, has partnered with Vested Finance to enable Indian investors to invest in the USA market. Amid increasing interest from Indian retail investors in the foreign stock markets specially US markets, a lot of platforms have emerged to allow to invest directly in US stock market. Recently, ICICI Securities, Axis Securities, Matertrust, Winvesta, Vested Finance have also launched their global investing services.

Kuvera’s partnership with Vested Finance will provide an opportunity to directly invest in U.S stocks such as Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Tesla and the likes, while providing a chance to diversify investor portfolio beyond the Indian stock market,” said the release.

Launched through Vested – a US Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor, will offer this service investors from India to invest in US Stocks and ETFs easily and commission free.

“International markets do offer a lot of benefits and a 10 – 20% allocation to them will make your portfolio more resilient to domestic wobbles. Since 2017, when we started; our recommended portfolio has a 13% exposure to a Mutual Fund investing in US markets. The choice for US markets is simple, in our view. As mentioned earlier US is 66% of MSCI global, and US companies generate over 40% of revenue from global activities. US exposure, at least currently, is a good proxy for global exposure. Further, US markets have long histories, are deep in terms of liquidity, have strong corporate governance and are home to best in class companies across multiple industries. We are constantly in the process of reimagining investment opportunities for our discerning users and believe this is another step towards portfolio diversification,” said Gaurav Rastogi, Founder & CEO –

International investing provides the investor the opportunity to directly invest in the parent stock rather than an indirect route of investing in its India entity and this through a perfectly legal route following the RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) guidelines that governs the maximum amount and purposes of remittance. Under the LRS, an Indian resident can send up to U S $ 250,000 abroad annually without seeking approval from the RBI.

The partnership will offer following features to the customers who are interested to invest in US markets:

  • Unlimited commission-free investing in the US markets.
  • Fractional investing – ability to buy less than one share, enabling to invest as low as $1 for high priced shares such as Amazon, Google, or Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Simplified remittance process through partnerships with banks to enable online and pick up remittance service.
  • Tax reports as per Indian regulations.

This is to just inform the investors that there is an opportunity to invest in NASDAQ/NY  listed shares to gain international exposure and benefits and the MFs are the best way to invest to mitigate risks.

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