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Whether the Regulators facilitate  market movements and  investors’ interest?                                              

The Role of regulators has been well defined in the Indian Context- be it the Reserve bank of India, SEBI, IRDAI, TRAI, RERA etc.,and consumer protection is their Focus!

The regulators in India have been facing a lot of challenges in formulating policies with a view to protecting the interests of the stakeholders/consumers  in tune with their avowed laid down objectives in their preamble. The RBI which controls and monitors the Commercial banks (soon coop. banks too) have been rested with a lot of responsibilities to ensure that the banks do not exploit the consumers and their safety is ensured. They have  a lot of powers, of course with accountability clubbed to it. They are responsible for managing the accounts of the Government, control inflationary trends, Printing of currency notes and coins, managing the Foreign Exchange account-inflow and outflow-and credit control policies to be followed up by banks. RBI is empowered to open new banks and branches for which they issue licences on prudential principles. RBI also through periodic interventions ensure that the Rupee- US Dollar parity value is maintained by selling or buying Selling U S Dollar  in the open market. Similarly monitoring inflation is also its major task.The RBI has done yeoman’s job in the recent past in the context of Pandemic  -Covid ‘ 19 which totally derailed the entire Indian economy per se.RBI has intervened time and again and relaxed many a norm relating to reserves by banks, interest rates and repayment rescheduling by the borrowers apart from pumping in a lot of money into the system so that there is no dearth for funds particularly  for productive and consumption purposes, through monetary policy committee meetings and announcements. So banks are flush with funds and they are advised to lend liberally to MSME, Agriculture, Exports and even large Industries on laid down norms. So banks are free to do profitable business.

The policy response to the covid-19 crisis has been a coordinated set of monetary and fiscal stimulus measures designed around a “Survive, Revive and Thrive” framework. The first phase, following the April shutdown, largely focused on alleviating the distress from loss of incomes of farmers, workers and corporations —particularly micros,small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) measures—moratoriums, refinancing support, regulatory forbearance, etc —have substantially succeeded in the intent. Thus easy and cheap availability of funds is  ensured.

In a similar fashion SEBI has been a watch-dog of the performance of  all intermediaries in the capital markets-be it the listed companies, MFs, FIIs, Brokerages etc., with an intent to ensure that the Investors’ interest is kept paramount.

So investors are well protected with the support of Regulators to take well-informed decisions!

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