Goodwill Investor Education Eagle’s Eyes – Stock Market Review

Goodwill Investors’ Education:                        9th June 2020

Eagle’s Eyes:  Stock Market Today- A review:

MARKET NEWS TODAY: Bank Nifty 21507..NIFTY 10271  SENSEX:34738… All High.

Now it is the turn of FMCG Stocks in the Bourses.

Now that the Covid ‘ 19 related lockdown is being slowly removed in many parts of India as well as overseas and the shops and bazaars are kept open, there is a surge in people flocking the essential commodities markets, the FMCG vendors have started doing brisk business after a long time although the sales volume is yet to pick up. This has led to the investors’ focus towards FMCG Counters in the stock markets.

A bird’s eye view of the market shows that these stocks rise today and are being traded with gains with over 100 points up in the FMCG Index in the early hours of the market.

Among them these following counters are noticeable and gainers:

Apex Frozen Foods Ltd….Up 6.56  %

Coastal corporation Ltd—-Up 6.07 %

HindSugar                       –up 4.88 %

Sri Renuka Sugars           – up 4.97 %

McLeod Russell Ltd           up 4.88 %

Bajaj Consumer care Ltd    up  4.34 %

Pratap Snacks Ltd               up 2.72 %

Guj. Ambuja  Ltd                  up 2.46  %

Eveready Ltd                        up 2.40 %

Nath Bio Genes Ltd              up 2.28 %

HindLever —                          1.30 % up

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