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Yes- There appears light at the end of the tunnel now for the investors, in markets !

No doubt the impact and influence of  monstrous Virus Covid ‘ 19 has  blown the economy out of shape – of not only India but the whole world as such.The country’s factory output contracted sharply for the 3rd consecutive  month in May 2020 and the lock down in many parts of the country has taken a toll on all several sectors mainly manufacturing and Financial sectors. But the consolation is the pace of decline has indeed narrowed down. Slowly but steadily each sector is allowed to open with some conditions or other but the fact remains they have commenced operations and the coming quarters appera to be quite promising proving that the worst is behind us.

So the stock markets have rightly taken the cue and the investors- both domestic and overseas FPIs- have made  substantial investments for the past few weeks. as has been reflected in the numbers-viz- the BSE and NSE indices which have touched abysmally low in March have gained substantially now– today BSE @ >37000 mark and so also NSE @ < 10900 mark.

While National  Statistical Office, while releasing the Industrial Index no.s has cautioned the readers that majority of the industries have not functioned due to severe lock down and hence these numbers are to be considered as one time aberration and not to be compared with the previous or subsequent nos. The same NSO has confirmed that the Index for the month of May 2020 stands at 88.4  as compared  to 53  for April 2020 indicating  a graded pick-up  in industrial activity in the economy.

While IIP figures have shown a good number  in first two months of this year -an increase of  4.5 % but the same has  contracted 34.7 % in May. The  capital goods and consumer durables sharply contracted  over 60 % during the peak disaster period, the same have started picking up post Covid ‘ 19 impact or at least the negative growth  has been lower in may than April.

The Investors have turned optimistic and started trying their luck in the upbeat market as witnessed in June and July beginning.

So there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel for the Economy as a whole and for the investors in Bourses at least !

So watch the market carefully and make small but informed investments.

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