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Goodwill  Investor Education Initiative:   7th July 2020

GW Eagle’s Eyes !-Market news:

Investors–Please use use this turnaround in stocks and enjoy profits and re-enter at low!  “A Bird in hand is worth two in bushes!

People entering into the markets as Investors are of different kind and from various segments. Individuals- Small, medium and HNIs, Institutions- DIIs, FIIs, MFs, Other corporates, Trusts and so on and interestingly all of them have one goal- to get good returns. But the difference lies in the definition of “good returns”. Some invest for a short term, some medium and many long term. So their perception of return also varies. Individuals are happy if they get 10- 15 % return per annum. But not all.

So those with short term focus should use this present opportunity to encash the rebound in the market as Nifty 50 has been up around 40 % from 23rd March 2020 lows. No doubt it is still 12 % down compared to Jan highs but because of many uncertainties threatening the financial markets, it is prudent to book profits and then re-enter after watching the movements in the market. So if you could reckon anything just above 10 % return on your investments please do book it and reinvest later. This is more recommended for small and medium investors who have specific goals like marriage, housing, overseas education etc., waiting to happen soon. This is termed as tactical and shrewd investment and rebalancing of portfolio. Some smart investors have entered the market when the Covid ‘ 19 impact was worse and they have now started reaping the benefits arising on account of the rebound.

So investors are advised to closely look into their portfolio counter-wise and where there is an ROI over 10 %,book the profits and wait for the next opportune moment to enter as the investment environment is quixotic and one should not relent later.

So be wise and smart and follow the adage-

“A Bird in hand is worth two in bushes! “ Wish you good luck!

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