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  • August 30, 2023


Major developments:

USD is now at 82.75. USDINR opened at 82.75. Fwd premia – 1 year fwd premia is at 1.63% p.a
-Indian GDP is expected to be released on Aug 31. GDP may have climbed 7.5% in Q1 on y/y basis.
-US NFP, Core PCE index are other key data events for the week.
-Oil prices climbed on larger than expected inventory drawdown in US stockpiles.
USDINR View: USDINR has supports at 82.50. Resistance is now at 82.86. USDINR
could trade in the 82.50-83 range this week.
RBI rates
Trade Date 1 USD 1 GBP 1 EUR 100 YEN
29-Aug-23 82.65 104.3 89.38 56.46
-USDINR is at 82.75.Prior day’s close was 82.70.
-Indian Equity indices climb.
-Indian 10 year G-SEC yield is at 7.17%.
-USDINR 1 yr fwd premia is at 1.63%.
USDINR @ 82.75, EUR/USD@ 1.0861, GBP/USD @ 1.2622, USD/JPY @ 146.22, EUR/INR @ 89.87, GBP/INR @ 104.45, JPY/INR @ 56.60.
Gold@1964, Brent Crude @ 85, Nifty @ 19434(+90), 10 Year G-SEC @ 7.17%.
USDINR payables can be hedged at 82.50. Eur receivables can be hedged closer to 90.10+. GBPINR receivables can be hedged closer to 105.
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