FM announcements on stimulus measures- PART 1

FM announced following measures in Part 1 of the stimulus detailing: 1) 4 year Collateral free loan of Rs 3 lac Cr to MSME’s. 2) Investment limit enhanced and turnover limit is also a new norm for MSME’S. 3) PEC/RFC will infuse Rs 90,000 cr to discoms against their receivables, 4) Govt will pay 12% employers and employees contribution for another 3 months for companies employing less than 100 and salary below Rs 15,000 for another 3 months, 5) EPF contribution by private employees and employers reduced to 10% for 3 months, 6) Govt will buy Rs 30000 cr debt papers of NBFC irrespective of rating and 20% partial guarantee for another tranche of Rs 45,000 Cr of NBFC debt 7) TDS and TCS reduced by 25% to infuse more liquidity, 8) Govt PSU’S will clear all payables to suppliers, 9) Fund of funds to infuse Rs 50,000 Cr equity into MSME’S, 10) Rs 20,000 Cr subordinate debt for stressed MSME’S 10) Extenison of real estate projects and Govt contracts, 11) Deferral of tax return and audit.

FM is to continue her announcements in the next few days.

Today’s announcements were centered on credit guarantee and liquidity measures to MSME’s.

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