Bachavo ! Mutual Funds Karo ! Become a Millionaire ! Yes, You too can ! It’s time !

Bachavo !  Mutual Funds Karo !  Become a Millionaire ! Yes, You too can ! It’s time !

Mutual  Fund  is the most beneficial Investment vehicle  to secure your future!

Mid- cap shares and Small –cap shares  are available now at slashed rates due to Sebi’s  new regulations. MF Schemes are being  regrouped and under consolidation process.  Number  of MF schemes are reduced to avoid duplication and confusion amongst the Investors. Hence  Mid cap and Small cap shares with good performance and track record are available now at incredibly low prices  and the  shrewd and intelligent Investors  do ’bottom-fishing’  to grab such shares which are bound to give good returns in the near future. SIP gives the advantage of  getting more Units even when the market falls and average price of investments by MFs is low and hence will give good returns when market goes up in the mid-term.

Undoubtedly, it’s ‘now or never’ opportunity for small investors.  The investment in MF gives good yield in long term much better than Gold, land, Bank deposits. MFs mobilise  small amounts from a large number of investors (even Rs 500) and channelize them into shares of growing companies in  different sectors and  debt instruments with sure returns. Investment in land, gold and other Asset classes have reached the peak level of valuations and the growth prospects are limited. Bank deposits give less interest now a days. And with inflation  it is in fact negative.

Well  Qualified Finance  professionals in MFs (called Fund Mangers) do extensive research and invest in  Shares, Debt and  Hybrid  instruments like  Govt. bonds and create a diversified  investment Fund, sell them  when there is a gain and share the benefits with the investors. Thus MF is one of the most viable investment options for the common man as it offers an opportunity to participate in a diversified , professionally managed  basket of securities  at low cost. Monthly savings under SIP, growth fund, dividend fund  etc are there. For all your queries on Investments in shares and  MF investments, just call Goodwill.

Goodwill Wealth Management –known for their professional and dedicated service to a  large number  of  Commodity and Share broking  clients . GW has over 500 qualified and  trained finance professionals who will assist you in your investment decisions to improve your Financial portfolio.GW offers Free trading and D-mat accounts and training.  GW has bagged a no. of awards for their professional services and achievements  from BSE and MCX.

Technology and commitment are  the USPs of GW.

Come and get Financial strength and independence  with your timely decision to invest now.

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