Goodwill – Committed, customized investment and trading consultancy

When so much is being said about wealth creation, Goodwill makes an important distinction between wealth creation and wealth preservation. The character and methodology of your investment will be determined by your current financial stature. The question is: are you going to create wealth or preserve the wealth you have already created? Of course, whichever it is, your investment decisions have to be intelligent and timely. To ensure that, Goodwill will be your partner in guiding you and being by your side all the time, all the way to your destination, for we understand all the factors that have a bearing on the stability or chaos of the world of finance. The Goodwill combination of painstaking, in-depth human analysis and tech-based real-time monitoring and data analytics puts you as an investor at a vantage point to take the most intelligent and wise decisions.

Goodwill – presence, experience and track record
Established in 2008, Goodwill now has offices in over 70 locations, serving about 80,000 customers nationwide. We have earned their trust by providing them excellent services in various trading and investment activities.

Highlights of Goodwill Growth Story

• From 3 offices in 2012 to 70 in 2016
• Varied, 80000-strong customer-base
• Over 650 employees across India
• 800 service points across India
• Average daily trading turnover of about INR 1500 crore

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