A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers

Going with the flow and following that adventurous spark in you is well and good but, before you go for the big leap checking if your blood pressure is under control is not called as a wise or smart act but as a choice, a choice that can keep you away from a very bad day.

Just because everyone in the camp is into diving, doesn’t mean you should also be a part of it. You can if you wish to, But either you should be good at swimming or you should trust your friends with your life. But there are many cases in which you don’t play in a group, and stock market is one in which you are on your own.

Many adventure sports have limits, height limit, weight limit, health limits, all of these will be mentioned here and there.

But in business, there is only “you” and it’s up to you to find those limits.

SOCRATES: What, Lysimachus, are you going to accept the opinion of the majority?

LYSIMACHUS: Why, yes, Socrates; what else am I to do?

SOCRATES:  And would you do so too, Melesias? If you were deliberating about the gymnastic training of your son, would you follow the advice of majority of us, or the opinion of the one who had been trained and exercised under a skill full master?

MELESIAS: The later, Socrates; as would surely be reasonable.

SOCRATES: His one vote would be worth more than the vote of all us four?

MELESIAS: Certainly.

SOCRATES: And for this reason, as I imagine- because a good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers?

MELESIAS: To be sure

The idea with the most supporters usually gets executed but, always remembers that a Good decision is always made when you give priority to Knowledge and not to numbers.

In this world of numbers let’s not rule out the basics that formed these numbers.

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