Pertaining to the unfortunate swindling incident that occurred in Indore, Goodwill Wealth Management shares it’s deepest sympathies with the victims. We are extremely sorry that you had to go through this horrible experience in this unfortunate time.

The imposters are in the hands of law now, and we have also sought the help of the legal system for misuse of the company name and money embezzlement.


As a renowned brokerage firm with many years of experience and expertise in the field, Goodwill Wealth Management has always made it a point to keep our valued clients safe. We have been taking actions to stop the occurrence of such incidents and were constantly warning the clients of the frauds that are happening and we have also been educating the clients on how to stay away from them. That being said we are extremely saddened that the imposters used our name for a fake company to get credentials and authenticity and then in turn used this borrowed power to swindle from innocent traders. One could only imagine the possibilities that this money could have brought in were it handled by the company experts.


Even though it is not related to our company, Goodwill Wealth Management is ready to step in and will be ready to support the victims in whichever way possible. We are open to all enquiries and anything that could bring to them the light of justice. Please do take care and verify the authenticity of your source before handling with trades. Verify with the company directly in case you have any doubts or need any clarifications. We are always ready at your service to provide you the best.


Our helpline is always open to you and Goodwill Wealth Management will, like we always have prioritise our clients needs, and always keep them in a safe, comfortable, and profitable zone. Let there not be any more of such victims, let us move ahead with care and caution!

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