Goodwill Investor Education Eagle’s Eyes – Stock Market Review. A virtual goldmine in making for Investors

Goodwill  Investor Education Initiative:               26th Jun 2020

GW Eagle’s Eyes !-Market news:  A virtual goldmine in making for Investors:

The Most successful story of Reliance Industries:

The foresight of Late Dhirubhai Amabani- the quintessential Industrialist on par with the best Businessmen of the world has created vast business wealth. Rightly so that the huge wealth inherited by the two sons- Mukesh and Anil   have been the talk of the business circles soon after the demise of Dhiru Apparently the wealth was divided almost equally  amongst the two sons . But see the irony –one son –the eldest Mukesh has been carefully and smartly treading the path of business success quite admirably and built his fortunes manifold and alas, the second son Anil of Dhirubhai has almost landed in IBC Courts, unable to discharge his debts to the creditors including overseas creditors and face the wrath of courts and is likely to be declared Insolvent! See the paradox amongst the two sons of the same business captain.

This amply demonstrates that however rich and wealthy one is-immaterial and if one fails to manage and administer the wealth in a more shrewd and professional manner he or she should bound to suffer and become a popper! Anil’s case is a pointer to this ground reality. So it is our responsibility to not only protect the wealth inherited or earned but also enhance its value by astute initiatives and well turned-out investment strategies! Preserving the earned money is more important than making it.

Let us study the astute businessman’s story- Yes- That of Mukesh Ambani!

Mukesh is in the top 10 list of world’s richest Businessmen with $ 64.50 Billion! Only the Asian tycoon in the exclusive club of world’s top businessmen according  to the Bloomberg billionaires index. He has also made to the top 10 of Forbes richmen list.

Reliance shares have gone up to double its rate in just 3 months after its hugely successful rights issue offer and RIL has undoubtedly emerged as the most valuable company in India ahead of Unilever, China Mobile and McDonald’s.RIL is in world’s top list at 58 and is expected enter into top 50 globally.

RIL’s Jio has been attracting world-wide recognition by many investors vying with one  another to invest in Jio’s platforms. Saudi’s PIF puts Rs.11367 cr into Jio to stake 2.32 %. PIF is the 10th foreign investor  and RIL has mobilized investor confidence to the tune of Rs 1.61 L Cr. And the astonishing fact is that RIL- such a huge company is becoming a totally debt-free company!

Yes Mukesh’s Reliance is the most valued Indian corporate company and its fortunes are going to be noticeable in the years to come and the stakeholders would be like the farmers likely to harvest a substantially bountiful  produce! So watch this script and be a part of the evolving bonanza in offing!

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