Gold always shines!

”All that glitters is not gold.- is an often quoted statement parading the uniqueness of Gold as the superior metal- King of metals.Our ancestors have bestowed on us this precious metal for which we should feel proud of their vision and thank them. Subsequently of course many metals like Platinum, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Aluminium, Lead, Brass and the like were brought into use. While Gold has consistently been the favourite of all particularly womenfolk, all other metals are more in use in industrial sector. The metals including Gold have been in great demand over the years when the civilization and science started galloping. India perhaps is the country wherein the gold in the hands of the household has always been plenty and that makes our country inherently rich thanks to our Housewives- even when they were not still big Economists they invested in it! When the transactions were prevalent through barter systems by exchanging goods and services instead of the now ubiquitous paper-currency notes, Gold was reigning supreme. In fact the Kings and emperors ruling diverse countries had one thing in common, that is accumulation of gold metal as a safety measure and indication of wealth and prosperity, inter alia.

The present status: Gold still rules the roost. In Commodity markets of MCX wherein metal stocks and crude coil are bought and sold, Gold and Silver dominate the same indicating the preference of people all over the world choosing Gold and silver over other investment opportunities. Gold per se, has two demerits if you were to carefully make an analysis. One is that it is highly susceptible for theft and many a time has proved to be rather risky even to human life as is being witnessed by us day in and day out. The next thing perhaps is that the return on Investment (ROI) is deficient or rather nil. And the quality of the metal which is in the form of ornaments is highly deplorable and hence our presumption that they are quite valuable assets is perhaps is most often invalid for, the sale value especially under distress sale is quite often depressing charged with impurity, lack of quality, wastage and a plethora of discounts liberally applied on our so-called valuable assets and eventually leading to a loss in some cases. The best way is to buy Gold electronically and keep it in our dmat account, en-cashable at any time or one can even take delivery of gold if need be without hassles of worry relating to quality, theft, wastage etc., Yes, you can buy even very small quantities over a period of time and accumulate. For details please call Goodwill Wealth Management P Ltd, Chennai any time. Wish you good luck! Yes, Gold shines always!

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